Saturday, April 25, 2009

Erawan Falls

Praise cheap internets.

Here we are in Kanchanaburi, a little town 3 hrs outside of Bangkok. As we had already experienced Bangkok (and admittedly at a crazy time!), and enjoyed a bit of the island life, we wanted to see a more provincial town. It's amazing how much cheaper it is in the smaller towns! We were starting to seriously scrape together the baht while on the island, but now we actually have more beer money than we need. We also blew some baht at the local night market on some tacky treasures.

Yesterday we fought our inclination to hide out from the heat (have we mentioned how bloody hot it is here?), and boarded a bus headed to the Erawan Falls. A 7-tiered waterfall and local swimming hole about an hour's bus ride outside of Kanchanaburi.

We hiked into the falls, making it up 5 tiers before we finally succumbed to heat exhaustion. Hiking is not fun in this kind of heat. And the water looked too damn good... I finally put my feet in.... sighhhh.... and what? What the hell? Fish were trying to EAT MY FEET. These little black fish started to swim around my feet and suck on my legs and toes. Ummmm, can't say I'm a fan. A tad disconcerting to say the least. My feet very quickly jumped out of the pool.

We did finally take the plunge - literally a plunge - so as to avoid the little toe suckers. These fish were not afraid. Hell, we were FOOD.

(oops... out of time. more later, kids)


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