Friday, April 17, 2009

Knight in shining sunburn

Ok, so Gregg has already revealed his action hero status. He may not have a cape, but he definitely has my vote.

When we were coming over from Haad Rin beach (Gregg has already referred to this gross strip of sand and sleaze), we met a lone traveller from France, Guillaume. We bonded over our hatred of Haad Rin.

We went our separate ways, us to the Sanctuary (I got the feeling he wasn't much of a yogi), and him to a cheap bungalow. As the beach here is relatively small with maybe 20 people on the beach at any one given time, we ran into him again. A little chit chat, a little bit of this and that.

Later in the day, though, we say him again and something was not right. He was disoriented and didn't seem to know where he was. He said he was afraid to go to his bungalow for fear of blacking out. Concerned, he stayed with me while Gregg sought help - Sanctuary staff told us of a clinic at Haad Rin. Gregg took him by longboat to the clinic, not wanting to leave him for fear of Guillaume losing his way, forgetting where he was, or passing out.

A few hours later Gui was taken to the hospital on Ko Samui be speedboat, and Gregg returned to me. The gecko that hung out with me in the bungalow while I waited is said to bring good luck. It left as soon as Gregg arrived. Believe what you will.

Gregg came back with a sunburn, and his shirt flapping around his neck something like a cape.

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