Saturday, April 25, 2009

A weeklong shavasana

Well hello there.

As you've probably noticed, we haven't been blogging lately. Brain numbness, sun slog, and general apathy are all culprits. The sun and water has a habit of draining away any cogniscent thought (heh. biggest word I'm capable of, but I still had to google its spelling).

We spent 8 days at the Sanctuary, and one word describes it: bliss. What a lovely little escape from the world. Our days started to melt into each other, and soon we had to think really hard about what day of the week it was. Was it Saturday when we read under the stars until we passed out at 9pm, or was that Thursday? Our days started to follow a comforting pattern: wake up, have breakfast, go for a swim, lie on the beach, drink some beer, eat, go for a swim, have some beer, read, bask in the sun, eat, drink, make love, sleep. Not necessarily in that order.

Floating in the salt water of the Gulf of Siam, I was devoid of all thoughts. No concerns. An 8-day shavasana. Who needs to meditate when you can simply float.

I did go to yoga once. 8 am one morning I was feeling refreshed and in need of a good stretch. It was a lovely way to start the day, but I couldn't seem to bring myself to go again. It interfered with my morning coffee and swim. :)

Admittedly, when we first got there I was a little bit conflicted... to have come so far only to find a small island to relax? Such a huge country to explore, and here we were, tucked away in a little slice of paradise, far removed from the rest of Thailand. It's not exactly the traveling I'm used to. But what we would soon realize is that the traveling awaited us when we finally did leave - so did the bastard hot heat, the drench of humidity, the diesel exhaust, the myriad smells from vendors and sidewalk stands... it was all there waiting, and as much as I still miss our little jungalow, I'm glad we finally left so we could see a little more of Thailand before we have to leave.

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